Thu. 26.03.2020 - Program Details

Version: 16.09.2019 (may be subject to changes)
  Opening session
  Chair: Jos Buiting - WHFF Council (President)
08.30 am
Welcome address
Jos Buiting - WHFF Council (President), The Netherlands
08.40 am
Welcome from the Steering Committee
Markus Gerber - Steering Committee (President), Switzerland
08.50 am Adrian Aebi - Federal Office for Agriculture (Assistant Director), Switzerland
09.10 am Martin Keller - Fenaco (CEO), Switzerland

Session 1 The Holstein cow can do anything - the economic choice
  Chair: Egbert Feddersen - WHFF Council (Member)
09.30 am
Holstein as the breed of choice
Tom Lawlor - Holstein USA (Geneticist), USA
10.00 am
Loss of diversity in the Holstein breed
Anna-Charlotte Doublet - Allice, France

Session 2 The Holstein cow - all set for tomorrow: feed efficiency, sustainability, low methane emissions
  Chair: Ann Louise Carson - WHFF Council (Member)
11.00 am
Methane emissions
Yvette de Haas - Wageningen University (Senior Researcher at Animal Sciences Group), The Netherlands
11.30 am
Feed efficiency
Jennie Pryce - La Trobe University / Victoria State Government (Principal Research Scientist), Australia
12.00 pm
Phenotyping for feed efficiency
Christine Baes - University of Guelph / University of Bern (Professor in Dairy Genomics), Canada / Switzerland

Session 3 New trends and traits for the future
  Chair: Laszlo Bognar - WHFF Council (Member)
02.00 pm
Beef on Dairy
Donagh Berry - Teagasc & VistaMilk SFI Centre (Quantitative Geneticist & Director), Ireland
02.30 pm
Hoof health
Hermann Swalve - Martin-Luther University Halle (Professor in Animal Breeding), Germany
03.00 pm
Milk analysis
Daniel Lefebvre - Lactanet (COO), Canada

Panel 1 Showring Presentation
  Chair: Giorgio Burchiellaro and Denis Bieri  - WHFF Council (Members)
04.00 pm
Show rules
Jos Buiting - WHFF Council (President), The Netherlands
04.15 pm
Panel: Udder scanning
Roberto Landriscina - Italy
Pol Collel - Producer (El Campgran), Spain
Nancy Beerwort - Producer (Cherry Crest Holsteins), Canada